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Do Anti-Sharia Protesters Really Care About American Women?

As a follow-up to my last post… These protesters like to talk about how badly women fare under Sharia. They go on and on about Muslim women are chattel, killed, etc. Do they really care? Do they even care about … Continue reading

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Sharia Law is NOT Coming to the USA

The news out of Texas is that they’re mad about Sharia coming to the USA, so they hang around protesting at mosques and statehouses, armed to the teeth. You know, because it’s Texas. Well, snowflakes, it’s already here. (Cue scary … Continue reading

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April 28. April 28, 2003. Today is the 14th anniversary of the death of my beloved grandmother. I went to the cemetery and took her some flowers. I wasn’t able to stay long, because I got there right before closing … Continue reading

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Being Respectful of Believers

[Swearing ahead. You’ve been warned.] Ok, a rant about religion. Some of you are atheists, some of you are agnostics, and some of you are believers. Some of you who are believers go to church, some don’t. That’s all fine. … Continue reading

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Throwing Teachers Under the Bus

Santa Rosa City Schools Equity Initiative Santa Rosa City Schools, Sonoma County Santa Rosa City Schools is leading the way with its exemplary Equity Initiative changing policies, practices and district climate to better serve Latino students and English learners. Courageous … Continue reading

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Angry. Again.

I am so goddamned angry. About everything. So, yes, I lost my bid for re-election to the school board. That I can live with, though it did take me by surprise, and it’s humiliating. I was beat out by a … Continue reading

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Texas, Please Secede Already

What kind of garbage is this? This same backassward state that had textbooks that said slaves were “immigrant workers,” has struck again. They answered the call of a Mexican-American textbook and came up with….this. The textbook has come under fire, … Continue reading

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