Do Anti-Sharia Protesters Really Care About American Women?

As a follow-up to my last post…

These protesters like to talk about how badly women fare under Sharia. They go on and on about Muslim women are chattel, killed, etc. Do they really care? Do they even care about American women? I don’t think so.

They’d have a better argument if these things weren’t true:

FACT: 3 US women are killed every day by an intimate partner

FACT: over 11,000 women were killed between 2001-2012

FACT: over 38M American women have experienced domestic violence at the hands of an intimate partner

FACT: almost 5M women experience domestic violence every day

FACT: over 40% of women in abusive relationships are raped

FACT: the rate of domestic violence in law enforcement and the military is 2-4x higher than in the general population (where are the protests about that?)

But these people don’t really give a rat’s ass about women, they just hate Muslims. More horrific stats here.


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