Angry. Again.

I am so goddamned angry.

About everything.

So, yes, I lost my bid for re-election to the school board. That I can live with, though it did take me by surprise, and it’s humiliating. I was beat out by a one trick pony who’s only concern seems to be gifted kids. And now there is no Latino voice on the board of a district that is over 50% Latino. And while we have a few great white saviors on the board, they don’t have a clue about kids who don’t live on the east side of town.

Anyway, I can take the loss, besides it’s kind of karma, isn’t it? I’ve been bitching for years about being one of two, sometimes three, progressive voices. I almost didn’t run, but with two other board members not seeking re-election, I thought there might be a chance to change the board. Silly me.

What I’m mad about is lack of support for labor, and labor’s own diluted and mealy mouthed voice.

Let me explain. The teacher’s union endorsed three candidates (yes, me) out of a possible four, in a six-way contest, but only one of them won. Two years ago, only one of their endorsements won. So, on Wednesday, only two board members out of seven will have been endorsed by the union. Um, that’s a failing grade. 29% to be exact. exam-f-grade-480x340 So I gave them  some suggestions for future races, which they didn’t understand, and certainly won’t do because they’re very politically naive. And I can’t stay in my own lane about it.

My main suggestion is that they need to let community groups, like the Democrats, know that the teachers should be looked to for direction. We all know that no one has any idea what’s really going on in a district except the teachers. Really. And yet community groups, when making their endorsements, do not look to the teachers for guidance. They don’t even ask on their applications if the candidate has been endorsed by the teachers, and ifyield-sign-3 not, why not. So where’s the support for labor? It’s all lip service. And the teachers just don’t get it and they’re not willing to speak out and claim their power. And I can’t stay in my own lane about it.

And then I fought with a (former) “friend” about a recent debriefing on the election put on by Labor, enviros and the Dems. I didn’t attend because I’m sick and even if I wasn’t sick, screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-12-54-51-amI’m sure I would have barfed from all the bullshit. (I’m not feeling like I’m at Death’s door anymore btw, just milling around in his front yard.)

This little soiree was emceed by none other than Mike McGuire, a state senator who, just mere months ago, showed what a coward he was by abstaining on a vote for shade for farmworkers. His deep pocket agriculture friends would’ve been mad, ya know. He was chastised over and over again for his lack of leadership and courage, he was jeered at the Labor Day Breakfast, and yet here he is, the ringleader for their circus. Well, we gotta move on, right? Let bygones be bygones. Um, no. The message sent to the senator was that Labor needs him more than he needs Labor. “Let us plant our lips on your white tush. Please?”

My comments, much like those above, were not welcomed by my “friend” about “her event.” (Gee, I wonder why!) The same woman who talks about new leadership needed at the helm of the Democratic Party, and says that maybe Labor should start it’s own party. That would be impossible, since it’s obvious the unions have their noses so far up the Democrat Party’s ass they haven’t seen the light of day in years. I’m guessing my comments hit too close to home for her, especially taking Labor to task for having the emcee they did. Sorry, but you can’t be a self-proclaimed radical when you’re kissing a white man’s ass. No.

But it’s all emblematic of the problem with unions. They’re too useless and mostly sell outs. (UFCW is a piece of shit; I know since both my boyfriend and roommate are members.) I include NEA, my umbrella union. This past summer we got Clinton rammed down our throats before we voted on an endorsement, and the t-shirts given out to people who contributed to the NEA Fund said something like “I’m with her.” Again, BEFORE we even voted. Yeah, very democratic. No undue influence there.

My same union that has for seven years pleaded with a DEMOCRATIC president to ditch his POS choice for Secretary of Education. Nope. Obama never came to speak to us, and never got rid of Arne Duncan. Let me repeat that. A Democrat president foisted a POS ondinda-puspitasari-hand-writing-typography-be-careful-of-what-you-wish-for us as Secretary of Education (although we may end up longing for those good old days when we get Betsy DeVos).

In fact, I think it took NEA members three years (?) to even get enough votes at the NEA Representative Assembly to formally ask Obama to please make Duncan go away. We didn’t want to antagonize the president, I think.

Anyway, my argument with my former friend got ugly. She accused me of being lazy and not running a campaign (even though another friend and running mate told her she was wrong), and said I was lashing out at others for my failure. I think my remarks about unions hit too close to home, and threatened her view of herself as this self-proclaimed radical. Again, you can’t be a “radical” if you’re kissing Democrat ass. Sorry.

I’m taking a break from any and all community activities for the foreseeable future.

I’m also taking a break from Facebook, and have deactivated my account. My goal is to try and not return until the New Year. Wish me luck. I can’t afford to alienate EVERYONE.



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