How To Have An Excellent School Year

Awesome. Warning: graphic language ahead. Proceed with caution.


Back-to-school season is upon us, so now seems like a good time for a quick review of all the things teachers do and don’t need in order to ensure their students have an Excellent Educational Experience this year.

We’ll start with a list of things we don’t need:

  1. Training. Everyone knows that teacher training programs suck. Let’s stop insisting that teachers complete extensive coursework in educational methods, research, and pedagogy–and let’s stop forcing them to complete practicum and student-teaching experiences before they’re allowed to run their own classes. All those things are dumb. What we should do is make sure future teachers don’t major in education. They really only need five weeks of training in the summer before they get put in classrooms.
  2. Experience. Why would anyone think that experience matters for educators? I’m about to enter my 14th year of teaching–and I just keep getting dumber and worse at…

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