For the Tea Party Nitwits Out There

I’m so sick of this immigration garbage, seriously. #NoAmnesty was trending the other day and pocho cartoonist and bon vivant Lalo Alcaraz has been threatened with a lawsuit for creating the hashtag about Murrietta, CA and referring to their reaction to busloads of Central American refugee kids as “racist.”  Um, really?

I’m tired of the the FOX News narrative of the Democrats wanting voters, which is why Obama loves illegals.  If these people ever get amnesty in a Ronnie Reagan move, it’s going to be awhile. And it’s not future voters they want, Dems and Republicans want money. NOW!

It’s obvious the public has no clue as to the reasons for illegal immigration and why this problem hasn’t been dealt with by anyone.

My county alone, Sonoma County (wine country), CA, generates over $14B/year in agriculture profits (just in grapes alone). (I keep posting $1B, but I’m obviously way off.) From Wikipedia:

According to the California Department of Food and Agriculture, “California agriculture is nearly a $36.6 billion dollar industry that generates $100 billion in related economic activity.”The state’s agricultural sales first exceeded $30 billion in 2004, making it more than twice the size of any other state’s agriculture industry.

We all know that agriculture relies  heavily on undocumented labor; Guv Brown estimates that 80% of CA’s ag workers are undocumented. One county producing over $14B a year from agriculture alone. Can you do the math?

So, for review, for the slower among us, undocumented workers generate a $14B industry in my county alone. Also for review, we are a capitalist country, everyone loves money. Clear so far? Are you starting to make connections?


Neither Republicans nor Democrats are going to screw up a gazillion dollar industry, because the people that reap the benefits from this money (the owners, not the undocumented workers) would cut off the money pipeline to our elected officials. So you Tea Party nitwits can clamor all you want, FOX can play your favorite songs, and your local Republican rep can speak at your rallies, but they’re all keeping you in the dark as to what’s REALLY going on. It’s very simple, everything comes back to money and power, and this is no exception. Wake up, get a clue, and for the love of God and everything we hold holy, stop blaming little kids.



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