Denver, Day 2

Day 2

I forget. No, really. Wait, it’s coming back to me…

We had our first California Caucus meetings until early afternoon, all 1,000 of us, and then had the rest of the day to ourselves.

I went out to dinner with Lorraine, Joyce, Don, and Janet. We went to the Buckhorn Exchange,


The Buckhorn Exchange is best known for its decor and menu consisting  of lots of game. Vegetarians need not apply.

10457176_10152208873702532_3098685999966152905_n  10343006_10152209042952532_5467092035090819346_n  10492564_10152209042802532_2120094461157040861_n

The menu consisted of elk, hare, quail, game hens, buffalo, snake, gator, ribs and salmon.  They also had Rocky Mountain Oysters, but we decided to skip that.  Ick.  I opted for the salmon; can’t go wrong with salmon.  The dinner was good, if expensive.


A few quick photo ops, and it was back to the Hyatt.


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