Denver, Day 5

Happy Independence Day!


More NEARA14, and the only interesting thing is that we voted (FINALLY) to demand Arne Duncan’s resignation.  (Not that we think it’ll happen anytime soon.)

Rockies vs. Dodgers results in a blood bath (0-9).  We were all Rockies fans for the night, but we didn’t bring them good luck, unfortunately. We left before the fireworks, that’s how sad it was.

10527720_10152216051492532_2616034386947451325_n 1962515_10152216088767532_2180409789483561996_o

I think it was really cool that the sun setting behind the Rockies looked like Mt. Doom of Mordor. Heh.

10346361_10152216328677532_7107355866403911056_n 10527701_10152216328632532_5375227571897257053_n


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