Planes, Trains, Automobiles

Go with trains and automobiles. I got to Denver after some 34 hours of travel, 2 on a bus, 2 in a train station, and the rest on the train. Never again. The scenery was nice, especially in California and Colorado, not so much in Nevada, and Utah was all at night. However, sitting down for that long was tiring. I had problems falling asleep, and got bored, in spite of the books and Zentangles.

I met a few people and chatted with them.  Saturday I had dinner in the Dining Car, and was seated with a nice retired (60ish) couple from Seattle. They were going to Maryland for a family reunion. They were history buffs and so we chatted about the Civil War, and they recommended a few good books on John Wilkes Booth. The man, while researching his family, learned that an ancestor was basically Simon LeGree– he worked in the South and then in Haiti as an overseer for a slave breeding plantation.  The things you discover in genealogy!

Sunday breakfast I sat with a grandmother and her granddaughter from North Carolina, and another woman from southern California. They were friendly and made for a pleasant conversation.  BTW, the food was excellent.

What wasn’t excellent were the bathrooms (and the sitting).  They were like airplane bathrooms, 5 per car, and by Sunday afternoon, they were fairly ripe, and even closed in one car.  Yes, there was a high ick factor.

I’m glad I did it, it’s a box to be checked off. So glad I foresaw this and made plane reservations for the return trip.

10368340_10152206697802532_3662548235392791456_o 10368989_10152206699972532_4555581312524308177_o

Denver and the Great Plains                            Where the mountains meet the Plains


Union Station


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