Denver, Day 1


View from my room.  The Convention Center is there to the left.

I got up around 9 this morning, after a fitful night of sleeping (if you could call it that). I got cleaned up, put things away in preparation of my roommate due to arrive today (a Ms. Fernandez), and then went down to breakfast.  Rico, my Puerto Rican waiter, was friendly and I had a buffalo/jalapeño sausage omelette.  Lorraine joined me, then we set off to discover downtown Denver.

We walked along the 16th Street Mall, which is very cool and a tourist’s dream, toward the State Capitol. There we had a photo op to memorialize our being a mile high.


Image        Image

State Capitol


Lorraine made us stop and talk to the GreenPeace people.  I joined.  Hah!



Me in front of the NEA sign on the 16th St Mall

Now hanging with Lorraine and her roomie, Joyce, who is celebrating her birthday.

Did I mention it’s hot?  Like REALLY hot.  😦

More later…


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