So the Press Democrat has another hit piece out on unions, and Lisa Maldonado in particular.  Shocking, I know.

Here’s my response in their comments section.

As mentioned elsewhere, Lisa never said “there is no problem.”

How come Paul Gullixson didn’t mention that our own illustrious mayor (cough), Mr. Scott Bartley, much beloved by the PD and the business community, signed a petition to get Reed to drop his pension measure?  Would that be because the goal here is character assassination against Lisa Maldonado? Why not mention that our business majority like and support public safety and don’t seem to have problems when it comes to *their* pensions? Or that Olivares spiked his $130k pension? Or that they’ll also be endorsing Chief Schwedhelm, who I’m sure is also making a nice pension? “Oh, uh, the readers don’t need to know all that. They just need to know that Lisa is bad.”

Well, some of us take as a badge of honor to be singled out by the junk that is the PD.

I myself was the target of a ridiculous column by Gullixson. While out walking my dogs, I was almost run over by a speeding car that ran a red light. You know, as in it missed us by inches. Another car followed, thank goodness we had quickly scrambled back to the sidewalk. Shaking with anger, fear and impotence, I tweeted my near brush with death. Unfortunately, I dropped the f-bomb.

Well, Mr. Gullixson was so offended by my language he worked me into a column. He wrote something along the lines like “Yeah, I hate crazy drivers as much as the next guy…” but he hated the f-bomb more, apparently. It was all that was wrong with our society.

Well, that was until a few months later when some pedestrians were killed in crosswalks including 2 year old Calli Murray in Rohnert Park. Then we were awash with editorials about what the heck is going on, people are dying here, let’s calm down and be careful.

What? “Crazy drivers” more than just a nuisance now? Yeah, as usual, Gullixson put his finger up in the air to test which way the wind was blowing. I guess the death of a child now made it to the same level of offensive as the f-bomb.

I find the editorial offensive, I find the character assassination offensive. No f-bomb needed.




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