Me and Minority Voting Patterns in Santa Rosa, CA

The other night I attended a discussion on this topic, put on by the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy.  (I still owe them $10 for my copy! Yikes!) The report was written by David Selby (who I ran into at Safeway tonight!), a Visiting Scholar of Rhetoric from Cal, and Kelly Wurtz, Ph.D., a Visiting Assistant Professor from Lehigh University.

I will spare you the findings, except for the most important parts. That is, the parts that pertain to me. 🙂

Although 2012 was a re-election year for Laura Gonzalez…The results from 2012, however, show that while she was able to appeal to non-Latino voters, it was the very strong Latino support that led her to being the highest vote-getter in the election.

Yay me!

Laura Gonzalez and Ernesto Olivares (boo, hiss) were able to appeal to non-Latinos; they both had the support of strong unions and were running as incumbents.

More yay for me!  But wait.

Although she was the highest total vote-earned in this election, the success of Laura Gonzalez in this election needs to be discounted by her incumbency advantage and the generally fewer candidates in school board races.

Hey!  Hey!

…our analysis shows that only Ernesto Olivares [boo, hiss] (a former police officer) and Laura Gonzalez (a longtime teacher) were able to capture significant shares of the non-Latino votes…

Just to clarify, and boast a little, I got 44,879 votes in November of 2012, waaaaaaay more (6000+) than the next candidate.  More votes than another other local candidates, in any race.


Discount me




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