My problem with Obama and the Democrats

I’m tired of the apologists for the President and the Democratic party.  I took Obama to task for his stance on public education, immigration and its issues, deportation of undocumented people, his lack of support for unions, and his continuing use of drones in the Middle East [I won’t even bother telling you what I think of his (mostly) pandering to Israel], and I was told  “The President is NOT a dictator.”

Funny, I don’t ever remember saying he was.

Then I was told it that if the Dems controlled the house, it would be all better.

Um, no it wouldn’t.

Whether or not the Dems control the House, it won’t make Obama stop using drones in the Middle East.  It won’t make him stop his deportation of non-violent, non-felon undocumented people.  Democratic control of the House won’t make him change his attitude towards public education, and his right-wing instance on using test scores to evaluate teachers, his support of charter schools, etc.

(Oh, and by the way.  DON’T even bring up his race as a factor as to why I don’t like him.  You can step off right now.)

And you will notice that people don’t refute any facts, they merely attack the messenger; a sure sign of a weak argument. Frankly, I expect better.

All of this blind support of Obama and the Democratic Party enables them to continue their crappy policies. He, along with too many Democrats, have abandoned the cornerstones of the party, and yet people continue to make excuses for them, like it’s because they don’t control a majority of the house when, in fact, it’s them turning their backs on their base. When will supporters get tired of Democrats pulling defeat from the jaws of victory before they wake from their slumber and start holding the Party’s feet to the fire? As long as they refuse to admit there are problems, they are part of the problem.

But please, by all means, lash out at me, progressives, *anyone else* except our president and the DINOs (Democrats in Name Only).  And how, exactly, is that working for you?



About socolaura

Mom, educator, opinionated, passionate, smart, witty, wise Latina. Waiting for my moment of zen.
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