Doing the right thing

Last night at our school board meeting, I learned that Tyler Ahlborn, the teacher at Midrose who was attacked by a student last month, has looked past his own hurts, both psychological and physical, to attend the court hearings of his former student. I commend him for this, and I have to say, he’s a better person than this teacher. I just don’t know where my head would be if I were the victim of a violent incident such as what happened in November.

I was almost moved to tears to hear that Tyler is attending the court hearings to lend support to this troubled young man. I was angered, however, when I learned the district would not give him the time off to do this, and would make him use his PN time. Santa Rosa City Schools would lose nothing to let Tyler take a day here and there to show this young man what restorative justice *really* is, what forgiveness *really* is, what it’s *really* like to have an adult in your corner, regardless of what you did to him. RIGHT?

Kudos to Santa Rosa Teachers Association for stepping in and providing Tyler with the days. In the spirit of teacher fellowship, I am pledging $100, or whatever a day’s sub pay is, to SRTA’s coffers, to stand in solidarity with Tyler Ahlborn and thank him for being such a great example of what teachers are and what we do, and for being a bit of hope for his former student.

I am so very proud to know that people like Tyler Ahlborn are in my profession, and that he is an employee of SRCS.



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