More fan mail re #AndyLopez

Received 10/30/13 at Santa Rosa City Schools office.

For your reading pleasure, complete with errors.

Dear School Administrator:

My, oh, my–what has your school district, your schools, your teachers and your parents done.  You have 12 year old Cesario Nicasio carrying a sign reading “F— the police.”  Does he this language in clss?  At home?  How about the young girl in the newspaper photo holding a sign “Jail the killer cops”.


Has anyone thought about common sense here:  Andy Lopez Cruz was a 13 year old boy who was walking at night wearing a hoodie and carrying an AK-47 replica that fired plastic pellets which looks like the real thing.  What parents in their right mind would allow the above scenario to take place.  The boy was stopped, told to put down the gun, did not, pointed the gun and the rest is history.  It is a tragedy, no doubt about it, but the fault lies not with the Sheriff’s deputies, but with parents, solely with the parents, for not being responsible for their child.


Everyone loves Andy now, even those who didn’t know him.  Possibly the lesson to be learned here is for parents to be ever more vigilant of their children.  Toy guns have no place in the home.  Thirteen year old kids have no business being out in the streets at night.


As far as Cesar is concerned, I hope that someone can wash hi mouth out with soap.  He is quite deserving of that.  As far as the young lady carrying the sign wanting the cops jailed, she and her parents should be counseled as to what is right and wrong.


During the school day, it is my understanding that the school was responsible for the children.  Yet, some parents allowed their children to “skip” school to attend the protest march for Andy on Friday.  Couldn’t that be perceived as child neglect and possibly a chargeable offense.  It seems, however, that the schools condoned the action.




Ms. Wood




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