Andy Lopez march, or fear and loathing in Santa Rosa

Today’s protest was planned last week.  In fact, I was confused Thursday night, thinking someone had made a mistake in saying there were two marches to the Sheriff’s Department, one for Friday and one for Tuesday.  Santa Rosa Junior College’s M.E.Ch.A.* planned this one.  Friday’s march went well, but was rather disorganized, mostly since it had been pretty spontaneous.  People wanted something a bit tighter for today.

Fast forward to Sunday night.  A secret meeting was held at Supervisor Zane’s home to discuss logistics for Tuesday.  In attendance were two school board members and the superintendent of Santa Rosa City Schools, Supervisor Efren Carrillo and other “community leaders.”  According to an email from Supervisor Zane sent to my friend:

FYI Laura wasn’t invited due to Brown Act. I didn’t create the invite list, just worked with Jenni Klose and Efren on it. There were 6 Latinos, one Afro-american and 6 whites that attended…. Best reflective meeting of the community I have ever attended! Also 60% women!

I’m curious as to who the people in attendance were, but I don’t have clearance for that info.  And the Brown Act excuse?  Caca.

So the intel from these community leaders was that “outside groups and organizations” had planned Tuesday’s march. BAMN had posted info on their website, as did Occupy and A.N.S.W.E.R. 



Plans were made, fears mongered, word passed around, and soon, the hysteria started to rise.  They insisted that BUS LOADS of outsiders were coming.  I guess this is what they feared, because you know how those Oakland people can be:


Of course the hysteria and fearmongering were unnecessary. Outsiders didn’t plan this, MEChA did; but The Top Secret Meeting of Community Leaders Who Know Best didn’t realize this because they don’t actually know the community.  Hmmmmm.

*M.E.Ch.A.- Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán


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