How bitter can some people be?

In my last post I shared some emails the Santa Rosa School Board has received, taking us to task for “encouraging” students to leave campus, providing buses for them to do so, etc.

The woman who said teachers should have encouraged students to write letters to the manufacturing companies of toy guns sent this today:

As a School Board representative, your attitude toward children leaving school for whatever reason seems to be what also contributed to the death of young Andy Lopez. Had he been in school that day, that is where he would have been: safe and accounted for. Perhaps the district needs to revamp its policy on exiting one school and attending another school, within the same district, so that students are where they are supposed to be and not in limbo waiting for the paperwork to arrive. For nearly a week, he was not in school and on that day, he was with a friend, who was also not in school. It is sad that you fight and defend him now that he is gone, but no one fought for him while he was alive. Education creates freedom. The district needs to keep more blood from being shed by addressing attendance concerns. All students deserves this, now more than ever.


So apparently I have Andy Lopez’ blood on my hands. This bit of nastiness is backlash against my response to her, not to mention an unwelcome look into her psyche.

Being an elected official can be so much fun!



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