How is it that there are so many experts on public education?

I find garbage like this maddening.  Just maddening.

The 21st Century Fluency Project posts this article on what skills modern teachers need.

Many schools only have basic requirements for hiring a teacher. Generally, they are expected to have their teaching certificate, a degree, and pass a background check. This may, indeed, qualify a person to become a teacher, but not necessarily the most effective teacher they could potentially be. The best modern teachers – the ones who consistently show the most learning gains among their students – are the ones who go beyond their degree and develop some other very important skills.

Basic requirements are a “teaching certificate, a degree, and pass a background check”?  Gee, he forgot a pulse.  Does he really think that “diplomacy, leadership, organization and ability to learn” are brand new 21st century skills? Um, that’s rather insulting.

Let me guess, the last time he (like most of these so-called experts) spent any time in a k-12 classroom was WHEN HE WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL.

How interesting, and surprising,  that “marketing managers” are writing oped pieces on what skills teachers need.  I guess they, along with everyone else who has ever warmed a plastic seat in a classroom, is an expert on public education.

You know, I have been going to the dentist for almost 45 years, but I don’t think of myself, nor does anyone else think of me, as a dental expert.  I don’t write articles for dental magazines.  I don’t sit on dental commissions.

Gee, I wonder why not?



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