Sebastian De La Cruz

In case you haven’t heard of this, Sebastian De La Cruz, an 11 year old mariachi singer from San Antonio, Texas sang the national anthem before Game 3 of the NBA Finals.  He did an awesome tear-inducing job, as seen here.

However, some people didn’t think that this little brown kid had any right to sing the national anthem of the United States, and took to Twitter to say so.  Mayhem ensued, but luckily Public Shaming captured the tweets for the world to see.  And then the fun began.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of outraged people such as myself took it upon themselves to expose the racists by retweeting and/or commenting on the offending remarks.  Many of the accounts were closed, I’m assuming, because of the torrent of anger aimed at them.  That’s ok with me.  The story was picked up by CNN, Fox, other major news outlets.  Yours truly was even featured in the examples of those who called out the racists tweeters. This is a screen shot from the CNN article.


Yes, that was the gist of my tweets.  I had one person call me on my not-very-loving response to the haters, and wasn’t I really just like them?  Of course I disagree, and I see no reason to let racists get away with their garbage, and nor any reason to not use strong words to do so.

One interesting part of this was that one of the offending tweets was by a man who identified himself (in his Twitter bio) as a fireman in Augusta, Georgia.  (from CNN)

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 9.51.51 PM

I took it upon myself to contact the fire department (and encouraged others to do so as well)

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 10.26.54 PM

and make them aware of FF Lacey’s comments.  Hey, if you’re going to tweet hate AND list your place of employment, well, you’re going to have to live with those consequences.  The Deputy Fire Chief replied to my email and said he was looking into the matter. It is not my expectation or hope that FF Lacey will be fired, but I do expect and hope that he will be schooled in behavior unbecoming a fire fighter.

The Augusta Chronicle picked up the story on Andre Lacey. Read the comments.  FASCINATING. He has since apologized. Read the comments again.  Somehow they equate people like me taking him to task as trying to take away his First Amendment rights.  Glad one commenter addressed that fallacy.

Posting ugly racist comments is bad enough, but directing them at a child is despicable.  You’ve been warned.  We’re not letting it slide, because SILENCE=ACCEPTANCE.


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3 Responses to Sebastian De La Cruz

  1. Jessica says:

    I read Andre Lacey’s apology and I’m sure it was inspired by people who put pressure on him for his racist comment. Basically if nobody pressures him he is not required to take responsibility for his actions, thank GOD some people like you made him man up.

  2. Andre Lacey says:

    This is Andre Lacey from Augusta Georgia. I understand my comment was viewed as being racist and I again I apologize.Not from pressure from anyone but because the Latino community as a whole was hurt by my comment. Laura I apploud your time and effort to make a difference in the world. I have served my country and my community prodly without any prejudice and will continue to do so. Its definately not because of the pay because I love to help people. I’ve been in healthcare since I was 20 when I joined the U.S. Army in San Antonio. I’ve been a firefighter since 2007 and also worked in the local hospital. My entire adult life has been one of human service.I am well traveled and most of my travels have been to Latino countries, the latest was the Dominican Repubic. I am a very intellegent person who made an insensitive remark towards young Sabastains clothes. I still dont know why was I attacked so brutally compared to all the other comments though? I never replied to any of threats, derogatory remarks, or talks of my son. I have helped saved countless lives of all nationalities and have never got anything but self gratification. I misuse ten words and the world think they know who Andre Lacey is.

    • socolaura says:

      Thank you for writing to me, I know you didn’t have to do this. I’m sure the tweet wasn’t the whole of who you are, and I don’t presume to know the real Andre Lacey, but it wasn’t a good peak inside.

      Yes, you were, unfortunately, made an example. You put your real name and your place of employment; being a firefighter and tweeting something like that wasn’t cool or very smart. I hope that you really understand the mistake you made, not just that you published comments under your real name and it was easy for people to find you on the internet. Please imagine if YOUR son had gone up to do something in front of a crowd, and a remark was made that he didn’t represent REAL AMERICANS. You’d be outraged and hurt for your kid and maybe surprised that people still think like they do. Would you hesitate to call those people on their actions? Would you hesitate to stand up for your son?

      I personally am sick of the hateful rhetoric used in the debate on illegal immigration. I’m sick of the nasty comments directed towards Mexicans, but hidden behind the facade of “I’m talking about illegal immigration, not Mexicans.” Kind of like people who say their nasty comments about Obama don’t have anything to do with his race. Yeah, right.

      And to be quite frank, I’m somewhat surprised that some of the negative tweets came from African-Americans (and other people of color). I know that being non-white doesn’t make us immune to hating on others because of their race, ethnicity, etc. I just think that we should have some idea of the damage that is caused, and the price paid. And we, more than others, should take a minute to reflect about what we say about other people of color.

      I wish you peace Mr. Lacey, and that as you move forward, you do some deep thinking.

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