And on a related note, illegal immigration…

Well, of course, it’s NOT a related note, but being an illegal was one of the epithets lobbed at Sebastian De La Cruz. 

Another, more right-leaning, tweeter asked me my thoughts on the topic, and here’s my response to him (slightly edited).

I will work up the passion to jail, fine and deport some 11-12 million people when your side works up the passion to jail and fine their employers. This is constantly missing from the right’s mouth-frothing condemnation of illegal immigration. When all I hear is how BAD these immigrants are, how they’re BREAKING the LAW, they’re CRIMINALS, etc., I look around and I *mostly* see poor people trying to survive. There but for the grace of God….

I have a hard time treating a mom trying to feed her kids as a CRIMINAL LOW LIFE.  I think most moms would do whatever they had to do to feed their kids. These people risk their lives to get here, because crossing the border ain’t hopscotch. Maybe that’s an example of Darwinism’s survival of the fittest.

Would you have it in you to trek thousands of miles on but a few dollars, cross an international border, putting your life into the hands of REAL criminals who would as soon kill you as help you, then cross the desert or whatever other obstacle was before you? Just to make a few dollars working in the fields in the hot sun? Does that sound TEMPTING to you?

I see some fellow human beings, desperate human beings, who want something better. And I hear a lot of rhetoric that is either outright racist, or comes pretty damn close.

On the other hand, their employers are the real criminals in my mind, yet get get scant attention from people like yourselves. It is because of THEM that we have whatever problems you associate with the undocumented. Just like too many businesses do, they create a problem, earn money from it, then pawn it off on society for the taxpayers to work out. Gee, thanks. Then I get to hear how these same businesses, since they create jobs (hah!), need tax breaks, or they’ll leave! They’re the ones who have our collective testicles in a vice.

And guess who supports them! Republicans and Democrats! Why? Follow the $$$$$$$. Go ahead, tell your congressman to push for even stricter laws against employers. Watch him/her flinch. If you’ve got a really good actor, like Steve King (R-IA), they’ll act OUTRAGED by these INTERLOPERS, all the while taking money from the bu$ine$$e$ that employ them. (Remember Pete “I hate illegals” Wilson? Yeah, who came RUNNING to the defense of his RICH hotel-owning friends when they were raided and fined for employing illegals? “But they didn’t know, officer.” BULL**** they didn’t know.

When I see Minute Men go to places of business that hire these people, shame the employers, get INS in there, then, and only then, might I even begin to take the anti-illegal immigration block seriously. Somehow I don’t think you guys are gonna do it. It’s much too EASY to pick on poor Mexicans.

Read the first gray comment here, which I happen to agree with. Then read the responses to it. They’re more interested in going after the immigrants themselves than the employers, which I think is typical. And right there, ya lost me.

Remember this debacle? A kosher meat processing plant in Iowas was raided by the INS.  I don’t think the employers were punished in any way shape or form. Shocking, right? But it did cost the government (taxpayers) $5 million.  If you read on, after the fact the local congressmen didn’t seem to want to focus on the employers as much as on border control.  Hmmm, I wonder why? What could po$$ibly make them think that way?


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