Public Input Sought

I want to know what the public thinks about this. The Santa Rosa French American Charter School is asking for 3 FT positions to fix their special lunches. At 50% paid participation, the district [claims it] would lose $19k/year. At 60% paid participation, the district [claims it] would see a gain of $955/year. At 70% paid participation, the district [claims it] would see a gain of $21k/year.


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5 Responses to Public Input Sought

  1. Jessica says:

    Well, I read about their plan and I do understand that it will cost the kids twice as much for the lunch then it would at a regular school. Have they considered subsidizing this program themselves (fundraising etc.) if cannot meet the minimum 60% participation? I would think since they want something extra the school district shouldn’t shoulder the burden but if they want to fundraise and help subsidize it then it should be an option for them. I grew up on the cafeteria school lunches and I do think they are bad quality and there needs to be a reform of some kind due to the problems kids have now with obesity, on the flip side I understand where is the money?!?!

    • socolaura says:

      The idea is that if FACS cannot come up with at least 60% of the students buying the school lunch, their foundation will step in and cover the difference for the district. This was a verbal agreement at a recent meeting. We’re putting money in up front, of course, but will supposedly get it back one way or another, from sales or the foundation. If sales fall short and the foundation has to step in, the understanding was that the lunch program would be scrapped. We’ll be reviewing it in either November or December, so stay tuned.

      I also want to add that I personally think the school lunches have come a long way, and we adhere to federal guidelines concerning fat content, etc. It’s kind of hard, however, to actually control whatever the kids eat. I’m a teacher at a middle school, and I routinely see kids eating chips and soda, which they brought with them. That’s their lunch. 😦 It’s a big problem, but I’m not really sure that the school can do anything.

      Thanks for writing.

  2. Jessica says:

    Also on a totally seperate note, I was wondering if anyone on the school board has considered putting the new Spanish/English immersion school on the French/American campus, formerly Doyle Park? I don’t know how much room they have over there, but there are very successful language schools like the one in Glendale where they have multiple language programs on one campus: . I also have noticed from reading in the Press Democrat etc. it seems like the French/American school is getting tagged as en “elite” school while Cesar Chavez is getting tagged “ghetto”. I feel like if they were on the same campus and worked together (while still having seperate programs that involved their respective languages of French and Spanish) they could work to bridge the gap on this image and also make people see the value of both schools/programs. I don’t know if this has ever been a consideration or if I’m just talking craziness here.

    • socolaura says:

      Jessica, yes that idea had been bandied about last year, but there isn’t enough room on the campus at this point in time. I think you are correct in that the French charter school has been tagged as “elite,”, but I haven’t heard anything about Cesar Chavez. Time will tell.

  3. Jessica says:

    Thanks! To be fair, I haven’t eaten a cafeteria hot lunch in about 17 years so things could have changed a great deal since then. The comments I read about the Cesar Chavez school being “ghetto” (or implying people that would attend were) were mostly ignoramous bordering racist comments anyways, I think once the school is up and running there will be a waiting list out the door to get in. I am excited that Santa Rosa is FINALLY getting a Spanish/English dual immersion program! It’s about time 😀

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