Fishiness at Santa Rosa City Council

It’s hard to not think that the fix is in.  In this case, the lead seems to be taken by public safety union leadership, who met with *SOME* (not all) of the applicants. The word is they didn’t like Robin Swinth, apparently for not being a whole-hearted fan of public safety unions and their pensions.  They let the council know that their choice was Hans Dippel.

Some say that they are the king-makers this time around , it sounds like that’s how it’s heading.  This is outrageous and destructive of city fairness and process. Our “business majority” on the Council seem to take their marching orders from a select few.

As most of you know, I’m an ardent and vocal supporter of unions, I belong to two myself (CTA and NEA).  But process and the democratic way are important and something I  expect from my local government.  This is not right.

People should plan to voice their consternation over this at the meeting and in letters to the editor.


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