What Makes Supervisors Livid?

Supervisor Carrillo was “livid” about the recent proposal to repeal the county’s medical marijuana guidelines.  “Supervisor Efren Carrillo led the charge criticizing the process with a statement on Facebook the day before the vote that he was ‘livid and appalled with the lack of public engagement on this issue between stakeholders and the Board.'” 

Efren flexed his political muscle with Supervisor Zane in this fight, meaning he thinks he has clout.  It’s interesting to see that a perceived threat to medical marijuana gets Efren in a tizzy and has him taking on a fellow supervisor, but real threats to the Latino community fail to elicit a similar response.  Mr. Carrillo was silent about the racist and inflammatory mailers that went out two years ago in the race for the second supervisorial district.  He was silent this year when a company in his district threatened to call an immigration raid down on its undocumented workers if the union didn’t stop trying to organize there.  He was asked to call the owners, his friends, but refused. 

Why the righteous indignation in one case, but not the other?  Oh, let me guess, only one group can vote and donate money to his campaign coffers.




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