Misinformed and Racist Comments on the PeeDee website. Shocking!

This article came out today, updating the public about the Spanish immersion school that SR City Schools will be opening next August.  (Yours truly is quoted!)

The comments from the public are frustrating and disappointing, but not surprising.  The racist comments are also frustrating and disappointing, but typical for the PeeDee boards.

Here’s a few:

Some know-nothing comments:



Have you ever noticed how everyone is an expert when it comes to education, regardless of their actual meaningful involvement in education?


And now for the racist posts!

First and foremost, if you don’t understand what two-way immersion is, go to this website and educate yourself. Look up how many immersion schools there are in the US and how popular they are. Look up the languages being used for instruction, in addition to English. Educate yourself on how districts are funded, and why these types of programs can often result in extra revenue.

You might also want to read up on how being bilingual actually makes you smarter.

Ok, I think I posted waaaaay too much on the article, but GOD, these ignoramuses push my buttons.  I think this was my best response:

I’m such a bad girl. 😛


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One Response to Misinformed and Racist Comments on the PeeDee website. Shocking!

  1. Jessica Holt says:

    These comments are shocking and show why Santa Rosa is only starting their first Spanish/English immersion program in 2013 while other communities have had them for decades. If they bothered to look at concrete data, or talk to people who are now adults who participated in immersion programs themselves, they would find that the arguments about people not learning English are completely unfounded and just plain ignorant. I’m embarrassed by the ignorance in Sonoma County when I’ve always considered it to be a place of open-mindedness. I wonder why there are no comments about people learning “American” in the PD articles about the French/English immersion program?

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