Campaign Season Update

is in full swing.  I need to write more on my blog, but how can I when I’m so busy!!!

I’ve been busy designing my lawn sign, walking pieces, money begging emails, fb pages, dialing for dollars, talking to parent groups, tweeting, and today, picketing with Memorial RNs.


My friend Jon drove down to Richmond and picked up my yard signs!  (I’ll be repaying him with a trip to see Loretta Lynn.) FINALLY!  THEY’RE HERE!!  Please place your order and I’ll try to get one to you by Sunday.  (I need to have a little folding/stapling party first.)  But don’t they look awesome?


Oh, look, it’s only 12:20am.  The night is still young.  Who needs to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning?  Oh, yeah.  ME.


About socolaura

Mom, educator, opinionated, passionate, smart, witty, wise Latina. Waiting for my moment of zen.
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