The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel


Tom Wilkinson.

Need I say more?  Well, if you’re not James, I probably do need to say more.

I love English movies (Lisa can keep her French existential crisis movies!) that reinforce my stereotype of the English being racist, snooty, having bad teeth and a stiff upper lip.  You know, movies that show them to be human (and that the superior facade is how they cope).** I also have a thing for older English gentlemen.  Dead or alive.  (TMI?)

I won’t write a complete review of the movie, Roger Ebert can do that so much better than yours truly.

Back to Tom Wilkinson; he plays a judge who retires to India.  A gay judge. My friend Virginia said I sighed audibly when that bit of info was revealed.  Damn.

(On a more sobering note, the premise of the movie, retiring to someplace cheap because your lousy pension won’t cover anything else, is kind of scary and real.  Let’s get back to fantasy.)

Bill Nighy was a riot, and while I’ve only seen him in two movies that I can remember (this and “Love, Actually), he has a nice comedic touch with a bit of very un-English-like vulnerability.  I must look him up on NetFlix and see what else I can find.

Most of the film takes place in Jaipur, India, and provides an interesting backdrop.


I have never been to India, and I doubt that I ever will.  I am both fascinated and repelled by what I see in movies and documentaries and I don’t know that I could deal with all that humanity.  But I love the riot of color, the women’s clothes, the exoticness of it all.


Aren’t they and their clothes just beautiful?


**Some fave movies that deliciously show English stiff upper lipness to the extreme.  Please feel free to add your own.

The Browning Version (Albert Finney)                                                                                                Separate Lies (Tom Wilkinson)


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