Mexican Astronaut in the House!

Yesterday I went with Lisa (who else?) to the very lovely Healdsburg home of Zeke Guzmán, to meet and greet José Hernández, a Chicano astronaut who’s running for Congress (CA-19) against Jeff Denham, a Tea Partier.  Now what could possibly be better than beating an incumbent Tea Party ass?  To have a MEXICAN beat him!

José Hernández is a down-to-earth guy born and raised in the Central Valley.  His parents were migrant workers, and he himself worked in the fields, across many states, for many years.  With a plan, the support of his parents, help from Upward Bound, and lots of ganas, José eventually became an astronaut, and is today running for Congress.

Lisa and I and a bunch of other eager Chicanos and progressives came together to try and make his latest wish a reality.  And have our pictures taken with him. And eat some yummy carnitas.


You too can help get rid of a Tea Party ass, and get José into Congress, by donating some dinero.  Please.

BTW, apparently the GOP slimeballs went to court to keep José from describing himself as an “astronaut.”  They lost.  Hehe.

La Reconquista continua….


About socolaura

Mom, educator, opinionated, passionate, smart, witty, wise Latina. Waiting for my moment of zen.
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2 Responses to Mexican Astronaut in the House!

  1. Lisa (who else?) says:

    “Who else”, because who else but Lisa would be up for such a fun and happening chicano/politico event or “who else” because no one else would go with me?

  2. socolaura says:

    “Who else?” as I rarely do these events with anyone else.

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