I Have a New Addiction!

Genealogy.  Really.

I’ve been doing genealogy for awhile, but recently it has taken over my life.  Last summer I looked up my bio father on Ancestry.com, and found out that not only had he died almost 20 years before, but that someone had done his family tree going back to the 1600s.  I’ll write about that at another time, like when it’s daylight outside, and my brain is fully functioning.

Lately, however, I’ve turned my attention to my maternal family, which has been harder to track than my paternal family.  However, I did have a bit of luck and found my great-grandmother’s brother’s baptismal record. (I knew my great-grandmother, I was almost 10 when she died.)


Translation:  “In the parish Church of Jeréz (Zacatecas), on the 3rd of August of 1884.  I, the presbyter (?) Don Ricardo Márquez, with the permission of the priest Fray Guadalupe de Jesús Alva, only baptized and placed the holy oils on Apolinario, who was born on the 23rd, at seven in the morning in “El Tesorero,” legitimate (!) son of Gregorio Castañeda and Isabel (Ysabel?) Galván, paternal grandparents Juan (Castañeda) and Jesús Segovia; maternal (grandparents) Toribio (?) (Galván) and Margarita Márquez and godparents Pablo Pinedo and Cruz Rodarte, to whom I explained their obligations and spiritual parenting (?) so that I could (something) with the priest.”

While I haven’t found my great-grandmother’s baptism record, I did come across another brother, Gregorio.  I’ll find her yet!

to be continued…


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